Growing Crystals—brief post with link to NY Times

To the un-initiated, crystallization and re-crystallization of a ‘organic molecule’ ignites enchantment and frustration. Enchantment ignites the soul as the molecule ‘drops’ out of solution to re-form a stable state of matter. Frustration tempers the impulse to flee the lab bench while a reticent crystal produces oil after oil rather than the ‘sharp-display of symmetric plates.’ Thus, it bears to be said, crystal-growing needs to be a part of every scientist’s training.

While the growth of crystals produces wonder to the imagination of the student-scientist, watching crystal growth done by a professional induces a sense understanding. The understanding of why we wish to understand nature’s secrets, it is a fundamental desire—a love for the cosmos.


Shuttle Experiments Seek Clues to Building Blocks of Life







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